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About Our Farm

Located in the beautiful Finger lakes region of upstate NY, Walnut Grove Farm is a family run hobby farm raising quality, purebred Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  We began our Nigerian dwarf goat herd through the help of Cat Crossing Farm, Locke, NY, owner Jim Gibbs, and Jim's connections to Cornell University.  We enjoy milking our goats and making delicious fudge.  Our focus in not on showing our goats, but rather on breeding beautiful, healthy goats who are routinely tested, vaccinated, and dewormed.  All our goats are registered through the American Dairy Goat Society.  We have a beautiful selection of solid gold, white, and black does/bucks which produce a wide variety of multi-colored, blue-eyed kids.  Check out our For Sale page to see pictures of our kids from previous years.

Meet our Does and Bucks

Cat Crossing Farm

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Lolli Pop

Dam: AGS Weathertop LD Nerys

The Bucks
Cat Crossing Farm Chad

Sire: Cabin Creek Minis Sir Jackson

Dam:  AGS Cat Crossing Farm Abby

Walnut Grove Farm StevenA (Below)

Sire: Cat Crossing Sir Charlie

Dam:  Cat Crossing Delilah

Cat Crossing Farm

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Lolli Pop

Dam: Cat Crossing Farm Etta 

Our Team
Walnut Grove Does
(Pictured on row boat)
Walnut Grove Maple 

Sire: Cat Crossing  Farm Charlie

Dam: Cat Crossing Farm Delilah

Solid Gold with Blue Eyes

Will be bred with Cat Crossing Farm Chad

Walnut Grove Aurora, Honey, and Lorelei

Sire: Cat Crossing Farm Chad

Dam: Cat Crossing Farm Gweneth

Honey will be bred with Walnut Grove StevenA

While Aurora and Lorelei will be bred with Cat Crossing Farm Charlie

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